The best price / quality ratio for accommodation in a hostel in Moscow. Rooms: Family, Comfort, Economy, General - any kind of accommodation at an affordable price. A large number of beds for tourist groups. The best vacation spot for business clients.

Placement of athletes in Moscow - the center of the capital. The reservation desk operates around the clock, allowing guests to check in, check out, and leave and return to the hostel at any convenient time. A free Wi-Fi network is available throughout the hostel. We accept cash, credit card (MIR, Visa, Mastercard) or Bank transaction. 

In any case, we will provide you with the necessary accounting documents. Daily wet cleaning guarantees guests / lodgers cleanliness and comfortable accommodation, including clean bedding and towels, which are subject to change in a timely manner.

The hotel does not occupy guests in alcoholic, drug intoxication, not spend noisy parties / events, as everything is aimed at creating a quiet, cozy, peaceful home atmosphere for comfortable rest and sleep for guests / guests.

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Business accommodation, business travelers, business groups (seminars, conferences, training), students in sessions, couples on vacation, travel groups / single. Sports / art sections / clubs (children / teenagers / adults). Welcome !